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  • Sports – 100% Bonus on First Deposit, up to $150 USD;
  • Slots – 100% bonus on First Deposit, up to $500 USD.


Get an additional 25% bonus when you top up your account on Monday or Thursday, up to $100 USD per day



Max rebate per week is $1,000 USD


Guide for playing

SCR888 website, which was renamed to 918KISS, is regarded as one of the top Internet gambling platforms in the modern world of casino. It offers users a huge variety of exciting games, including “Great Blue”, “Royal Ace Casino” and “Safari heat”. The platform also provides some well-known slot games and online betting for users who enjoy risking.  To date, Asia is considered the best place for gamblers who want to believe that the luck is on their side. Malaysian Internet gambling sites always impress with the offers and extras regardless of the size of the deposits and bets. SCR888 has a very beautiful design and a wide range of features an enthusiastic will definitely want to explore.     

Rebranding SCR888 to 918KISS

scr888 casino on PC

Concentrating on the customer’s requirement for maximum convenience, the famous SCR888 webpage has been renamed to 918KISS. It offers a new layout, and improves the functions we know and guarantees security through any platform you select. Casino in Malaysia has never been so thrilling, for both the newcomers and the sophisticated players, so take a risk in our casino.

Download SCR888 APK (Android)

how to download

As stated above, the SCR888 website is created considering all your wishes. Thus, you will enjoy the most qualitative machine games. This online casino has its advantages. Users can easily download the apps compatible with Androids. Thus, you can play whenever you want using your mobile phone. Kiss918 app is a safe and reliable option. It works seamlessly, in contrast to most other casino apps, and is properly constructed so that the customers can relish the best casino experience. 

  • Open your mobile browser and follow any of the links provided below:
download scr888 - step 1
  • Pick the version for Android:
download scr888 - step 2
  • Choose the option “Install” in the pop-up window:
download scr888 - step 3
  • Once the installation is complete, press “Open” to start the SCR888 APK:
    download scr888 - step 4
  • After the download is successful you can enter your SCR888 casino ID and password in the appropriate fields:
    download scr888 - step 5

Download for iPhone (iOS)

SCR888 is compatible with both Android and iPhone. So, the owners of iOS can also “join the party” after downloading the app. Just following instructions given below and begin roll in money.

  1. Open the browser “Safari”. Then follow ant of the links provided below:
    how to download on iOS - step 1
  2. Pick the version for iOS:
    how to download on iOS - step 2
  3. Select the option “Install” in a pop up:
    how to download on iOS - step 3
  4. As soon as you have installed the SCR888 app, you will see the following icon on the phone’s menu:
    how to download on iOS - step 4
  5. After pressing this icon, a pop-up window will ask your approval to open the app. Choose the option “Cancel”:
    how to download on iOS - step 5
  6. To launch the SCR888 app, you’ll have to enter the settings and change the permission:
    how to download on iOS - step 6
  7. After opening the “Settings” menu, click on “General”:
    how to download on iOS - step 7
  8. Choose the option “Device Management”:
    how to download on iOS - step 8
  9. You’ll have to choose “All continental trading Sdn. Bhd.”:
    how to download on iOS - step 9
  10. You’ll have to choose “All continental trading Sdn. Bhd.”:
    how to download on iOS - step 10
  11. Please choose “Trust” in a pop up to complete the downloading process:
    how to download on iOS - step 11

SCR888 for PC

Now you don’t have to go to the crowded and noisy casinos. After all, it is possible to gamble online. For your comfort, the 918KISS can be used on PC and Mac. It is easy to play Malaysia slot games from the comfort of your home. The emulator -NoxPlayer allows you to gamble on your computer or Mac for free. Before downloading and installing the app, make sure that there is enough space on your PC and that it has an adequate performance. 

Below you can find a guide for downloading SCR888 casino app for PC/Mac:

    1. Choose the version of NoxPlayer you require and download it:
      download and instal on PC - step 1
    2. After completing the download, open the emulator and press the button “Start”:
      download and instal on PC - step 2
    3. Choose the option “Install” and study the field “Terms and conditions” carefully:
      download and instal on PC - step 3
    4. As soon as the installation is finished, open the browser in the NoxPlayer emulator:
      download and instal on PC - step 4
    5. Download the SCR888 app by following the link located inside the NoxPlayer –
      download and instal on PC - step 1
    6. As soon as you download the app, click on “Next”:
      download and instal on PC - step 5
    7. Start the installation:
      download and instal on PC - step 6
    8. After completing the installation, you should type on your SCR888 casino ID and password in the corresponding fields:
      download and instal on PC - step 7

SCR888 login (kiosk)

It is quite easy to login into the SCR888 website; the only thing you require is an ID and a password provided during the registration process. Our agent will you help you complete the registration successfully. Stick to the instructions below to perform the login process:

  1. Enter the SCR888 login page through the following link:
  2. If this link doesn’t work, try one of the alternatives:
user name and login
        1. Type in your game ID and password in the appropriate fields.
        2. You may face the next errors:
        3. After the “Login”, the page may not load.
        4. User may be redirected to the Cloudflare error page.

If you fail to open any of the links listed above, wait until they are operational again.

How to register?

registration in scr888

To get all the benefits and immerse yourself in the gaming world, you first must register yourself as a player on the SCR888 website. The creation of the account is simple and the helpful customer service will be there to help you with any questions you might have about this process. Follow the registration instructions below:

  1. Go to SCR888 com
  2. Click on the “Register now” button on the top right corner of the page.
  3. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to the approved agent website
  4. In the registration window fill in the following fields:
    • Name
    • Contact
    • E-mail address.
    • Message
  5. Once you have filled in the necessary window, make sure to check the “I’m not a robot” reCaptcha field.
  6. Click on the send button.
  7. For any questions click on the Customer Support button that will open a chat with an agent.

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