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Malaysia is known for its great architecture, thriving culture and charming women. However, the country attracts lot of tourists not only because of this. It is also due to the wide range of entertainments (especially those related to gambling). Who doesn’t want to have fun and get freebies? We all like to live on the edge. Malaysian casino lifestyle is intended for people who wish to try their luck. You don’t even have to leave your home for that! Take back what’s yours from one of the best Internet casino platforms called SCR888 (it has been recently rename to 918KISS). If you’re interested, just keep reading.

What are free credits?

If you are a risky person, you know that your efforts will pay off. Free credits are a great present allowing the player to try the online casino games for free. They increase your deposit, thereby guaranteeing a longer and more interesting gaming process. Thus, you have a chance to gamble and win even more! The higher bets you make, the more you can win. So, what are you waiting for? Ask for your free credit SCR888 right now!

The test ID account free credit

Maybe you just want to start small? Let’s say you’re a newcomer who doesn’t know where to start. In such case, you can ask for a test ID account allowing you to explore the world of online casino. It doesn’t demand any deposit. Thus, you don’t have to spend real money. Certainly, you should take a few steps in order to get the free credits. Firstly, you have to register on the SCR888 official website. After doing that, you need to contact the customer service and ask the agent for a welcome bonus and a test ID account. The agent will provide you with all the relevant details. As soon as you obtain the ID and the password, you should learn the rules and features of the games and start enjoying your free credit!

Loyalty bonus for regular customers

After trying out the SCR888 free credit and acquiring skills and experience in the online gambling establishments of Malaysia, you are ready to take a step forward! Regular customers of the casino (which has been recently renamed to 918KISS) get a present in the form of free credits offered by the casino agent. After two years of gambling, you will obtain another great bonus!

Bonuses during the holiday seasons

The festive spirit makes everybody merry. Every holiday season is full of fun and treats, and everything you need is to have a nice time. Gambling in Malaysia has its benefits, no matter if you do it “on the spot” or online. SCR888 offers additional freed credits during any major holiday! Surely, every festivity has its end. Likewise, the free credits are time limited, so make sure not to miss them!

Bonuses for the major players

The more you bet the more you win! It is common knowledge that a greater risk can bring more benefits. If you are the type of gambler that prefers to make maximum bets, High Roller free credits are just the thing you need. Free credits will help you place higher bets, which will improve your chances to hit the jackpot.

Gather your friends and have fun together.

We all love to share and spend a fine time with our friends, don’t we? SCR888 free credit is also presented in the form of the referral bonus! Ask your friends to sign up and take a risk playing the SCR888 casino games. Due to the great variety of games, your friends will definitely find something to their taste. As soon as the registration is completed, you can ask for the free credits. Remember that the more friends will join the fun, the more credits you will obtain.

VIP for the dedicated

In our casino, being a passionate player pays off. Regular customers can get the VIP status, which provides significant advantages. The most active gamblers of the 918KISS community obtain VIP credits.

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