The SlotsUp team is a big fan of free online slots, everyone knows the main thrill lies in playing for money with real stakes. Just like every other seasoned fan of casino games, we face challenges when trying to find a suitable online casino. The internet is full is full of fake online casino sites that should be avoided by all means. These fraudulent sites come up with various schemes and you can never be too safe out there on the web.

We at SlotsUp has taken it upon ourselves to compile this page to help you grasp the workings of online gambling. Our plan is to teach you what an online casino is, the way it works, ways to know good and secure online casinos, the casino bonuses you should go for and practically all the details you should be aware of before you sign up for your first online casino account to avoid falling prey to fraudsters.

We have includes a comprehensive list of safe and trustworthy online casinos, you’ll also find reviews of these online casinos. We advise you to carefully read this article to gain all the knowledge you need, alternatively you can skip and read just the H2’s the interest you.

Online Casino Types

The various online casino types are suitable for all types of gamblers, both veterans and amateurs. There are new games and features for experienced gamblers and basic stuff for those who aren’t well versed in the gambling industry. In this article you’ll learn all the fundamentals about the online casino types, how to create your first online casino account, how to make payments and withdraw winnings.

At first glance, this procedure will seem simple and easy to grasp but we assure you that you’ll need some time to become conversant with it. You can decide to take on the process by yourself and learn from numerous tutorials and reviews, but where is the fun in that? It’ll be much easier for you to learn from us and jump right into the games!

Our goal is to ease you slowly into the gambling industry if you’re a newbie. We will begin by checking out the various types of online casinos.

No Download Online Casinos

This is commonly known as instant play casino and is the most advisable option for beginners. From the name “no download”, this type of online casino can be played for real money from your browser without the need to download any file. You may be required to install Flash plugin even though it might not be in use for a long time since most online casinos are creating HTML5 slots. The steps involved in playing in a no download online casino are just visiting the site, creating an account, making a deposit and then proceed to play your games! The big advantage of no download online casinos is that they operate at a high speed and do not consume any memory on your hard drive.

Download Online Casinos

As the name implies, the type of online casino requires you to download and use an app or software before you can play games. Currently, the majority of online casinos are of the no download type, bug a reasonable number make use of the download type.

Live Casino

Have you ever longed for the feeling of being in an actual real life casino and watching the dealer hand cards to you? The live casino gives you that experience without you leaving you home. This type of online casino uses live camera feeds and real dealers from all over the world to bring the casino right to your fingertips. Live casinos are usually used to play card games such as baccarat and bojack, this does not mean that roulettes and other online casino games cannot be played in it. To aid user experience, large cards are used to ensure online players can view them clearly regardless of screen size.

Mobile Casino

Innovations in the mobile technology industry has given us the power to perform various tasks from our mobile phones, such tasks include making purchases online, reading a book and ordering rides. In this same way, the mobile casino can now be used to make poker bets and spin the reels of real money slots. Almost all top online casino platforms have mobile slots that you can play in by visiting their website from a mobile device. Some of them have alternative downloadable mobile apps that can be used to play if that’s your preferred choice.

Virtual Reality Casino

Virtual reality is something that has always been talked about, so it has met a lot of excitement since its widespread availability. Virtual reality casinos are the ultimate life like experience in the world of online casino gambling. Imagine being in Las Vegas casinos playing bojack while conversing with other players..from your couch! Sounds amazing doesn’t it? If you’ve ever played a VR game you’ll have an idea of what to expect. All you require to access this feature is a significant investment in VR goggles. Try not to think too much about the cost of the equipment because the immersive experience is worth it. And remember, there’s always a chance there you could win back your money.

Casino Bonus Types

Bonuses are one of the best parts of online casinos. We are pretty sure that at some point during your explorations of the internet you’ve come across spammy bright and colorful casino ads promising you free spins, no deposit bonus and the like. You were probably confused by what it all meant, we will explain what these bonuses are and how they work. There are three broad types of bonuses that can be found in majority of online casinos.

Welcome or Sign Up Bonus

This is a favorite among users but is unfortunately only available when you make your initial deposit. You can consider this bonus as some sort of welcome package for new users. This bonus gives users a deposit bonus that sometimes reaches up to 100% if the first amount deposited. Some tip online casinos may give you a 50% bonus on your second deposit and 20% on your third.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

This type of bonus is offered by large online casinos and you don’t need a deposit to access it. This bonus involves playing real money slots free of charge without the need to spend anything or make a deposit. You can use this bonus immediately after creating your online casino account.

Free Spins Bonus

Without being told, you should know “free spins” involves online slots. At its basic, free spin bonus is a couple of free games on features or popular slots. The promotions page of a lot of online casinos contain useful about their free spin bonuses. The usual protocol is that your free spins will be awarded to you after you make a deposit, they will be fixed when the game begins.

It is necessary that you you scour the pages concerning bonuses on the online casinos you use to get full information about them. Other types of bonuses exist outside of these three, they include happy hours and betting marathons, these offer you games at discounted rates and larger winnings.

How Do We Choose Online Casinos

Most people ask us how we pick the online casinos to list on our website, we’ll answer that in this section.

Firstly, our team consists of experts who have dedicated many years to the gambling industry. This experience has given us valuable insight on identifying genuine and fraudulent sites at one look. Inasmuch as we trust our experience and instincts, we follow certain guidelines to ensure that only trustworthy online casino sites end up on the SlotsUp website.

1. The online casino must possess a license from a gambling license authority. This is the most crucial criteria and is never ignored. We talk more about the licensing process later in the article.
2. The online casino must have a 24/7 live customer care that helps users with queries about game working, deposits, winnings or account issues.
3. Reputation. There are various websites that have made a name for themselves by creating lists of trusted and licensed online casinos for many years, and we have come to trust their reviews. Some of these trusted sites include casino meister and wizard of odds.
4. Many casino games from top and popular software developers. We’ve observed that the number of games an online casino has is an indication of its reliability. NetEnt and Microgaming are two of the most popular software developers, any online casino that has games from them is one that can be trusted.
5. High payouts and swiftness of payment process are big indicators of a reliable real money online casino. Do not patronize any casino that takes more than 48hrs to process requests and payouts.

Casino Games

All real online casinos have a unique list of games that vary by each casino. Many online casinos limit their games list to slot games only while others prefer variety and diversify their list by including other casino games like bojack, scratch cards, video poker, baccarat and others. Despite the fact that some no download casinos may offer a broader demo games list than we do, we constantly keep our lists updated with the newest slots. Demo games are free trials of casino games that you can play to make up your mind on if you’ll wager real money on it or pass. This is useful to newbies because it gives them time to familiarize themselves with the games and create their own strategies before actually gambling.

When you compare us with other online casino websites, our edge over them is that 3000+ slots on SlotsUp are defaulty free. Our specially made algorithm allows you play real money slots free of charge until you want to gamble with real money. When you make the decision to gamble with money, just click“play in casino” and you will get redirected to the online casino that offers the game. We track your location to show you only online casinos available in your country.

Casino Software/Games Providers

The best online casinos have their games created by the top casino software such as EGT, NetEnt and Microgaming. These are elite companies that have been in the business for many years with licenses from many countries. Their games serve as a kind of stamp of approval for online casinos. Online casinos that offer games created by these developers are bound to have all required certificates and proper licensing.

The casino games portfolio is one that is rapidly expanding. New software providers and new games are always on the rise. Casinos no longer use old school flash games like Book of Ra to attract customers. Their new strategy is to use highly advanced methods, they do this by updating their list to 3D, HD and html5 real money slots that are run compatible on both desktop and mobile devices. As a result of these advancements, games now look like HD video games and not just outdated graphics.

Payment Systems

It’s advisable to go for the most convenient way of making deposits when you play real money slots in online casinos. Numerous payments options viable with different currencies are available in online casinos. Although some of these methods may not be as widely used as others, they all have their own unique advantages that earn them users.

Visa/Mastercard. Credit cards are one of the most convenient ways of depositing into your online casino account. Visa and Mastercard offer safe and secure services, virtually all online casino platforms accept payment via Visa and Mastercard.

Paypal. This is a popular e-wallet utilized in making deposits and withdrawals online. Paypal is very safe and you can be assured your money won’t be tampered with or stolen. Despite the fact that Paypal is very common, it isn’t available in some countries. Gamblers in such countries should select a different payment option available for them.

Neteller. This is another e-wallet that is accepted by over 150 nations in the world. Neteller was once the most popular payment option in online casinos. Many casinos and gamblers use this service as their payment option but credit cards are by far more popular. Neteller isn’t available for users in the United States.

Paysafecard. This option is best for gamblers who do not want to disclose their credit card information online. Paysafecard is a prepaid card that you can purchase from their outlets across the world. They have over 500,000 outlets in the world, paysafecards are used to purchase goods and services online. The major disadvantage of this option is that the outlets are difficult to locate in smaller countries.

Apart from these options mentioned above, other include bank wire, check, Entropay and EcoPayz. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can also be used to make deposits on online casinos. You should certify that you can withdraw from your account before making your first deposit.

Gambling Licenses

Now, we’ll talk about gambling licenses and everything you need to know about them. All online casinos need to have a license at least, that is the basic indicator of their authenticity. The gambling license is basically a certificate granted by regulatory agencies to confer on casinos the right to operate a gambling platform. Casinos have to meet the standards stipulated by the regulation board before they pass the approval for licensing.

There are numerous licensing bodies that have the authority to issue licensing certificates depending on the casino’s region of operation. Some of them are Malta Gambling Commision, the UK Gambling Commission, the Isle Man Gambling Jurisdiction, Gibraltar Licensing Authority, etc.

Note that SlotsUp does not list any unlicensed online casino on our site.

Good Luck!

When you venture into the gambling, one of the things you’ll first discover is that the internet has numerous cool looking online casinos. We urge you to carefully read our reviews before you use any of such sites to avoid getting scammed. We have pages on all popular social media platforms to offer you customer service and keep you informed about the happenings of the online casino world. Do not hesitate to ask us questions on whatever challenges you face when using online casinos.

On a final note, we would like to talk a lot gambling awareness. In as much as gambling with real money is fun and entertaining, you should not fall into the temptation of using gambling as a primary source of income. Bear in mind that luck is a huge factor in gambling, you could hit the jackpot in one moment and lose everything in the next if you aren’t careful.

The entire SlotsUp team wishes you the best of luck and urge you to play responsibly, we also hope our reviews and demo games are of use to you!